The story of how the first #SUNSTORM album was written and recorded continues.

"We assembled in the basement every day, some guys coming and going, some staying until the late hours of the evening. We found ourselves coming up with all kinds of meaningful music. Even Larry Devoskin, keyboard player for 'Fandango' came to my home one evening and we wrote 'Fame and Fortune'.one of my fav tunes!

Dan Huff from 'Giant' turned in a killer track called 'Fist Full of Heat'.

As not unusual with a bunch of band mates the beer and vodka flowed during the evening hours and the energy was electric and exciting. It was a summer of madness and music!

The 'Sunstom' project was born from some of these songs as well as other writers that were enlisted to contribute. Jim Peterik of 'Survivor' gave us some really great songs and he continued to contribute songs as the 'Sunstorm' albums were recorded. but more on that later..." JLT

Find out tomorrow what Joe’s favorite songs are!

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