As promised, here's the song list for the forthcoming HTP Live disc! The entire album was recorded May 17 and 19, 2002 in Tokyo, Japan. It features a bit of both Turner and Hughes' history: former Rainbow hits, highlights from both Joe and Glenn's Deep Purple days, a classic Black Sabbath album track and a song each from both Turner and Hughes's most recent solo efforts. This CD will also give JLT fans, who are unfamiliar with Glenn's material, a nice introduction to his past. The song order closely follows the entire set list from both nights. It should also give the fans, who were not able to attend either show, a real feel for what it was like to be there! All songs from the CD are listed along with the original album they were released on. MTM will release the album in Europe on October 7th (with possible bonus track).

  • Devils Road - (HTP)
  • Cant Stop Rock and Roll - (HTP)
  • Death Alley Driver - (Rainbow - Straight Between The Eyes)
  • I Surrender - (Rainbow - Difficult To Cure)
  • Stormbringer - (Deep Purple - Stormbringer)
  • Dark Days - (JLT - Slam)
  • Mistreated - (Deep Purple - Burn)
  • No Stranger To Love - (Black Sabbath - Seventh Star)
  • Cant Stop the Flood - (Glenn Hughes - Building The Machine)
  • Better Man - (HTP)
  • Ride the Storm - (HTP)
  • King of Dreams - (Deep Purple - Slaves and Masters)
  • Street of Dreams - (Rainbow - Bent Out of Shape)
  • Spotlight Kid - (Rainbow - Difficult To Cure)

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