Dear Fans

Dear Fans

Dear Fans, 
As you all well aware by now, due to the unprecedented Corona virus outbreak all over the world, some scheduled and announced dates for 2020 will have to be, put on hold, postponed and some of them might be cancelled. Please see the list of the shows below:
My management is working hard to find suitable new dates to reschedule as many shows as possible, but no official information could be given at the moment.  
Please be mindful of all the precautions to stay healthy and safe. Take care of each other and help one another, as hysteria and panic is never a good way to act in such situations. 
I, eternally yours, and everyone from my JLT's official managment, social media and fan club, pray for a fast recovery and normality to All all over the world. I truly hope to see you all very soon! 

Blessings, JLT 

31 - Palace of Republic, Minsk, Belarus

23 - Lucerna Music Bar, Prague, Czech Republic
25 - Sono Music Club, Brno, Czech Republic
26 - Babylon Atelier, Bratislava, Slovakia

06 - Hard Rock Hell, Club Eden, Ibiza, Spain
08 - Sala Apolo 2, Barcelona, Spain

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